Performance Management from a Distance

Leadership & Management
Course Date: 
November 11, 2021
4:00PM - 5:30PM

Note: This Webinar session will be held online via Zoom. Our Micro-Learning sessions are designed to maximise the benefit of "face" time while balancing the attention span of the online format. There is no compromise in content or learning activities, which we have ensured is the same as in our face-to-face programmes.

Micro-Learning Session 
The pandemic has brought about a new world of work, where employees work-from-home, work remotely or in staggered shifts. This change in work practices has brought about challenges for managers to keep productivity at the levels needed, and manage teamwork and a smooth flow of communication.
In this interactive online training, we will explore what managing from a distance means for performance discussions, how to keep track of work, and how to help team members steadily overcome their difficulties and bring their performance to a level needed during this challenging time.
  • Understand the impact of sudden remote work on performance and progress
  • Place staff and team performance into perspective and remove cognitive bias
  • Establish the system and process for managing team members from a distance
  • Revisit performance appraisals to adjust and review staff progress
  • Practice skills to help team members overcome their difficulties and get back on track

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